Parking Grievance


In the fall of 2018, a resident noticed that charges for parking during multiple overnight and weekend shifts had been deducted from his paycheck. He contacted UW HR to try to resolve this issue and be reimbursed, but was unsuccessful. Upon further investigation and surveying of membership, we discovered that this is a widespread issue constituting a major violation of contract on the part of the Employer (UW).

Requested Remedy:

Full reimbursement for those residents who have been charged for parking overnight and on weekends under contract, and adherence to contract requirements in future.


Friday, November 30th: Formal Grievance submitted to UW

Monday, December 17th: Settlement offer made that would require residents to submit receipts between 12/24 and 12/31 (a holiday week), with no defined process for future reimbursements

Friday, December 21st: Initial settlement offer rejected, with requests for a longer period of time to submit receipts, as well as a clearly definted reimbursement process

Thursday, December 27th: Counter-offer made to settle with one more week to submit receipts, but with an unacceptable process for future reimbursements (requiring residents to submit paper receipts in person to the Harborview parking office during business hours; overnight hours defined in such a way that overnight call would not count as overnight parking)

Friday, December 28th: Settlement rejected on the grounds that the defined process for reimbursement would place an unfair burden on the resident

Monday, December 31st: UW notifies UWHA of inability to reach a settlement and their intention to impose the new process of reimbursement, with no reimbursement for past parking that should not have been charged

Tuesday, January 29th: UWHA held a meeting with UW to address Step 2 of the grievance process. The original grievant was reimbursed and the new process for future reimbursement was discussed, with suggestions to allow residents to submit requests electronically. UWHA was invited to submit documentation for anyone else affected by the issue in the original grievance.

Friday, February 8th: UWHA submitted documentation of night and weekend parking charges that have yet to be reimbursed from many other trainees.

Currently: UWHA is attempting to get reimbursement for past payments for weekend and overnight parking. You can now email the parking office at Harborview with documentation of reimbursable parking charges within 30 days, but their definition of overnight parking is very limited and will apply to very few residents' shifts. We are attempting to gain some flexibility in the definition so that this benefit is actually accessible to trainees. In the meantime, please do submit reimbursement requests from the last 30 days to