UW Housestaff Vote to Ratify New Contract!

UW Housestaff Ratify New Contract!

After a vote, the new contract was ratified by an overwhelming majority of housestaff. The final result of the vote was 857 in Favor (99.6%) to 3 Opposed (0.3%). The vote was conducted over just 5 days to ensure, that if ratified, the new contract could be implemented quickly and put money in our pockets sooner. The timeline for contract implementation is:

UWHA Negotiating Update 10/15/16


After almost two years of hard work, UW and the UWHA have agreed to a final contract. This contract will now go to the residents for vote, and a simple majority in favor will result in adoption of the contract. The final result isn’t perfect, but we believe that it represents significant gains and protections for the hardworking residents who drive so much of the care at our hospitals. Notable features of this contract include:

Negotiation Update 9/20/16

Your UWHA representatives continue to work hard to push toward a successful conclusion to our contract negotiations. In the past 2 weeks, we have had 4 meetings and have covered a lot of ground. We’d like to share some recent progress we have made, though please note that until a final contract is ratified, some details may be subject to change:

Negotiations Update 7/12/16

"In five years, I see myself with the same job title, about the same salary, and significantly more responsibilities."

Welcome all new UWHA Members!

UWHA Grant Awardee Progress Report

We would like to update you on the success of our UWHA Grant Awardees from 2015. Here are the updates on how the funds were used to further trainee-driven research initiatives. Thank you grant awardees for all your hard work!

Dr. Heidi Hillesland – Infectious Disease

Congratulations New UWHA Executive Board!

Dear Colleagues,

Your votes have been tallied and certified, and I am happy to introduce the 2016-2017 University of Washington Housestaff Association Executive Board:

President - Nick Mark, Pulmonary Critical Care
Vice President - Jacqueline Alvarez, Diagnostic Radiology
Treasurer - Trevor Gessel, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Secretary - Ben Wolpaw, Internal Medicine
Social Ambassador - Marlee Hahn, Emergency Medicine

Seattle Weekly: Overworked, Underpaid: UW's Apprentice Doctors Demand a Raise

"The UW says residents' pay is up to national standards, but in America's tenth-most-expensive city, the docs ain't buying it." Please read the feature article by following this link

A Primer for Seattle Citizens on UW-UWHA Negotiations

What is a Resident and what does he or she do?
A Resident is a doctor who has completed four years of undergraduate education and four years of medical school who is now pursuing sub-specialized medical training. These areas include, but are not limited to, internal medicine, anesthesiology, surgery, and pediatrics.  After completing all licensing examinations, which typically occurs in the first year of Residency, a Resident can become a fully licensed physician in the State of Washington.

Seattle Times Article: Council Members Support Better Pay, Benefits for UW Doctors in Training

The Seattle Times released an article Sunday highlighting the support of Seattle City Council members for the UWHA.  We hope that with the continued support of our Residents and community, we will begin making meaningful strides. Please read the official story here.

Seattle City Council Supports UW Residents and Fellows, Writes Letter to University

On December 14th, members of the Seattle City Council supported a letter to the University of Washington President and Board of Regents recognizing that the treatment of Residents needs to improve.  The council urged the University "to meet the UWHA's reasonable demands" for the Resident physicians that "provide an invaluable service to our community."  They go on to state that Residents "deserve to be compensated fairly" and that it was shocking that Residents "earn less than our city's hourly minimum wage", "qualify for social services", and receive "free ("charity") care at the very hosp