Happy Match Day and Welcome!

Congratulations to all who have matched at University of Washington! Let me be among the first to welcome those joining our family of graduate medical and dental trainees here in the Pacific Northwest and WWAMI region. UWHA is so pleased you/the computer/fate chose to bring your talents here.

Please take time to mark the accomplishments of this achievement. A lot of time, sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears (no hyperbole required) went into your successful match (however it may look). Celebrate yourself! Then join the UWHA online communities.

Your volunteer board, comprised of current UW residents and fellows, has crafted Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to keep you informed. The UWHA buy/sell FB page houses our rental listings and more. Perhaps you’ll find your next roommate, the perfect apartment, or some great study materials.

Lastly, for now, please take a moment to email us. UWHA is working to bargain your 2019 - 2020 contract and we want to keep you in the know.

Again, welcome to the UW graduate medical/dental education family! Please remember, UWHA is first and foremost for YOU, your career, and your life outside the hospital.