Parking Reimbursement Policy

HMC parking reimbursement policy:

HMC Parking and Commuter Services will refund residents Pay-Per-Use parking permit holders for transactions that meet the following conditions:

  • Permit holders entered the garage after 17:00 and exited the garage before 07:00, Monday – Friday. Parking is charged at a daily rate of $8.75 for any parking entry or exit outside of these hours. The permit charges are not prorated.
  • Weekend parking will be reimbursed if the entry occurred after 17:00 on Friday and the exit occurred prior to 07:00 Monday. Entries and exits prior to or thereafter will be charged accordingly. 
  • Permit holder must provide transaction record demonstrating that the entries and exits occurred at nights and weekends as defined above. (Note: Currently these records will first need to be requested from
  • Refund requests may be submitted to Residents will be allowed up to thirty (30) days from the end of the month they are submitting for to request reimbursement.


As of yet, the official process for UWMC has not been made known to us. Please do attempt to request via UW's parking office in the same spirit, and let us know if you run into issues.