Get a safe ride home (in the snow or otherwise)!

Dear Members,

As the snow continues to fall in Seattle, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the work you do taking care of patients and keeping our hospitals open despite the weather. We also wanted remind you about one of the important benefits you are entitled to in situations where you are working long hours and may not feel safe driving home from the hospital. The last thing we want is for a resident to be injured driving home in the snow, so if you are too tired to drive safely in these conditions after your shift, please take advantage of the program described below.

UWHA Supplemental Emergency Safe ride home program. “If a situation arises where, due to extreme fatigue, illness or the late hour, an intern, resident or fellow (“trainee”) is unable to safely get home at the end of or during his/her shift using the method in which they got to work that day, the trainee may use the UWHA Supplemental Emergency/Safe Ride Home Program. This program provides transportation to the trainee’s place of residence via taxi from an approved training site. The UWHA will reimburse you for your fare up to $30 (does not include tip). Please note that any reimbursements requested by the UWHA which could be fulfilled by the GME Safe ride home program will be submitted to the GME by the UWHA on behalf of the resident.”


How to Claim a Reimbursement

1. Call any taxi company or rideshare (town car and limousine services are not eligible).

2. Request a receipt that indicates the pick-up, drop-off point and the fare paid, not including tip. Electronic receipts may be used.

3. Submit the receipt, along with reason for the taxi ride, date and time, and pick-up/drop-off locations,

to the UWHA (either or UWHA PO Box 95318 Seattle WA 98145).

4. Include your name, phone number, and the address to which you would like the reimbursement sent. Receipts must be submitted within thirty days of date of service.


Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication,

Your UWHA Board