Welcome to the New Board!!!

First off, thank you to all those who participated in the Board elections. It is vital for the UWHA to have the members involved, so again thank you!

Second, thank you to the members of the 2017-2018 Executive Board and General Board. All the members of the current board worked very hard this year and deserve the gratitude of all the members. Again, all those members were:

  • President: Trevor Gessel
  • Vice President: Ben Wolpaw
  • Immediate Past President: Nick Mark
  • Secretary: Marlee Hahn
  • Treasurer: Doug Leedy
  • Social Ambassador: Liz Harmon
  • General Board Member: Jen Dines, Natalie Freidin, Adam Greenbaum, Kevin Seitz, Asha Pathak, Wayne Brisbane

Now, as for the oncoming board, thank you for being willing to serve in these positions. We all wish you the best for the upcoming year! The new board is:

  • President: Tracy Burns
  • Vice President: Kat Jong
  • Immediate Past President: Trevor Gessel
  • Secretary: Kisha Clune
  • Treasurer: Doug Leedy
  • Social Ambassador: Zoe Sansted
  • General Board Member: Bryan Estill, Kathryn Stadeli, Kevin Seitz, Rajeev Saxena, Adam Greenbaum, Jordan Urbanek, Hannah Qureshi, Jacob Smith