UWHA Supplemental Emergency Safe Ride Home Program

Earlier in the year we reached out to you to elicit your feedback and input on the Safe Ride Home supplemental program. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is a program initiated by the UWHA in attempts to ensure people’s safety when traveling to and from work, and fund the use of alternate transportation (Uber / Lyft / Taxi) when public transit is unavailable and a person feels they are too fatigued or unsafe to get home the using the means they got to work. There is a document at here which describes this program more.

About 120 members responded to our survey, which revealed heterogeneous opinions as to the utility and desirability of this program. Specifically, 65% of responsdents voted for it, and 35% against. In addition, despite the favorable support, 70% of responders indicated they would not have use for this service. 

During our most recent discussions, the UWHA board has decided to proceed with supporting this program for a 9-month period (ending December 31, 2018) and intend to collect the data of its use (and potential abuse, as many of you expressed concerns for). At the end of the 9-month period we will have further data to help us decide how to proceed. 

We appreciate your feedback and welcome any other comments you may have, send these to execboard@uwhousestaff.com.