Tentative Agreement Reached on Grievance

Last year we had filed a grievance regarding the Universities policy on something called "Extra Pay for Extra Duty." We have now, after multiple mediation session with the University, reached a tentative agreement regarding this grievance, it is attached below. Our biggest worry with this Extra Pay for Extra Duty was that the GME had the power to unilateral change this policy and affect our working conditions. Also, we were worried that programs could disallow their residents from moonlighting and instead offer them Extra Pay for Extra Duty opportunities for much less compensation then the residents could obtain while moonlighting. This is disallowed in the tentative agreement as residents who are eligible to participate in Extra Pay for Extra Duty will be default also qualify for moonlighting since the same criteria from the UW-UWHA CBA (Article 18 Section 3) are used in both situations. Programs that are currently offering their resident's Extra Pay for Extra Duty opportunities should be able to continue to offer these opportunities without any siginficant difference.

The tentative agreement now has to be ratified by IRFAC and GMEC and then will go into effect July 30, 2018. This was a lot of work for a very minor issue, but that is what the UWHA is here for.

If you come across anything in your programs where our CBA is being broken, or programs are doing questionable things, please contact us so we can correct these situations.