GME Refuses Safe-Ride-Home Reimbursement, UWHA Assumes Control of Program

Under the contract, the GME is required to provide reimbursements for residents who are "unable to safely get home at the end of or during his/her shift due to extreme fatigue, illness or the late hour.” This program - the Safe-Ride-Home program - is intended to provide residents a safe way to get home when dangerously fatigued, such as after working a 24+ shift. Unfortunately, the GME started denying reimbursement.

We feel that this program is essential to the safety and the well-being of residents. No resident who completes their shift and feels unsafe to drive home should ever decide not to use this program due to fear of not being reimbursed. To ensure that resident know that when they utilize this program appropriately they will be reimbursed, the UWHA has decided to take emergency measures and assume administrative control of the Safe-Ride Program. Effectively immediately, residents/fellows can submit receipts and a brief explanation of circumstances, to UWHA for reimbursement. Please send these receipts to the address below:

PO Box 95318
Seattle WA 98145

To speed up the reimbursement process you may scan your receipt and send it to, BUT YOU WILL STILL NEED TO ALSO SEND IN THE PAPER RECEIPT to the above PO Box.

Full details can be found on Safe-Ride policy

In short, if you are too tired to safely get home, take a cab/Uber/Lyft and we will make sure you get the full reimbursement you are entitled too.