Open Enrollment Began November 1

Getting Started:
• First, review the available resources to help you decide what changes you may want to make to your health coverage for 2018. The Open Enrollment Fact Sheet provides a quick overview.
• Read the For Your Benefit newsletter from the Public Employees Benefits Bureau (PEBB) for important information about plan changes for 2018. The Health Care Authority mailed this newsletter in late October to benefits-eligible employees.
• Visit the Health Care Authority website and learn more about Open Enrollment updates.
• Attend a Benefits Fair between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at Harborview today or tomorrow at the HUB. ISC staff will be there to provide support navigating through Workday.

Keep in mind, no action may be required. If you’re happy with your current enrollment, it’ll carry forward into 2018 automatically. However, there are a few exceptions to consider:
• You must enroll/re-enroll for the flexible spending accounts (medical and dependent care) each year during Open Enrollment.
• You may need to re-attest to your spousal premium coverage surcharge. If this applies to you, the Health Care Authority will mail you a few reminders in late October, and November – and the ISC will also send you reminders via your Workday inbox. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to take any required action by the deadline, or you’ll be charged the $50/month surcharge starting in January, 2018.

Enrolling in benefits with Workday:
Once you know the changes you would like to make for 2018, get assistance in entering your information in workday – the Integrated Service Center website has videos, an OE user guide, and other helpful resources. Then, visit Workday, select the Inbox worklet and open the Benefit Change inbox item.
• Confirm your home mailing address is correct in Workday; the county you live in will determine what benefits plans you can elect.
• Select “I Agree and Submit” to process your enrollment in Workday. Unsubmitted enrollments will be deleted at midnight Pacific Time on November 30.
• Attach any required documents. For example, when you’re newly adding a dependent, you must attach valid documentation in Workday. You can attach documents on the final Workday screen in the Open Enrollment process. It is your responsibility to attach valid documentation, and we’ll do our best to contact you if it is insufficient or absent. Any incomplete enrollments will be deleted on the deadline, midnight Pacific Time on November 30.

You can update your Open Enrollment choices throughout the month of November – select the Benefits worklet, and click on the “Change Open Enrollment” button in the lower right section of the page to modify your elections. At midnight Pacific Time on November 30, Workday will process your most recently submitted entry as final.

It is recommended you submit your open enrollment election as soon as possible, in case you are required to provide additional information/documentation.

Your next opportunity to enroll/make changes to your health elections will be during open enrollment in November of 2018, or within 60 days of a qualified life event.