UW Fails to Fully Reimburse State Licensure

Background: The policy of the GME at the time of contract negotiations was to encourage residents to obtain full State Medical Licenses thus many medical trainees had full licenses at the time of CBA ratification. However, after ratification of the CBA the GME allowed programs to partially reimburse residents' Medical Licenses based on the cost of a Limited License even though the CBA clearly states, " Residents will be completely reimbursed for Washington State Medical license fees" (emphasis added). We researched this and realized that such a practice could also potential affect the dental residents as well.

Action: On Sep 8, 2017 the UWHA filed a formal grievance (see attached) accusing the UW of violating the contract by failing to fully reimburse state medical and dental licensure

Next Steps: Step II Grievance Meeting scheduled for Tuesday November 14, 2017 at 4:00pm