UW Tries to Create Unilateral Moonlighting Tract in New Policy

Background: Following ratification of the CBA the GME realized they would have to update many of their policies. When updating the Moonlighting policy the GME proposed to create an alternative track they called "Extra Pay for Extra Duty," and they informed us of this on 4/10/17. This new track, which would be considered by the GME to be separate from Internal/External Moonlighting, alarmed us as this would essentially allow the GME to unilaterally change work-related conditions and circumvent Internal Moonlighing, thus bypassing important protections afforded by the CBA, and damaging residents' ability to engage in Internal Moonlighting in a fair manner.

Action: On July 13, 2017 the UWHA filed a formal grievance (see attached) accusing the UW of violating the contract with the creation of this new track

Next Steps: We have the Step II Grievance meeting on Monday September 25 and will provide further updates following such