Post-docs on the UW campus are working to form a union and we support them!

For residents and fellows, our overwhelming vote to form a union and the new contract we negotiated has led to big improvements in salary, stipends, and labor practices. Post-docs at UW are now striving for these same benefits too.

Just like UWHA members did 3 years ago, the post-docs are in the process of collecting signatures. The post-docs need as many signatures as possible. For some UWHA members this gets confusing, because some MD Fellows work in roles very similar to those of post-docs (primarily research positions). If you are one of these fellows you may be approached about signing a unionizing card.  If you are a UWHA member or a non-ACGME fellow it is OK to sign this and show your support (you will remain a UWHA member if you are one already). There is no downside to signaling your support for the post docs. 

UPDATE: The Post-Docs have officially filed with PERC on Oct 4. Good Luck!!

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