GME threatens to fire housestaff!

Don’t be afraid of GME threats!

On 7/14 the GME office sent a terrifying email to housestaff, threatening that residents who did not pay union dues would be terminated. The intent of this email was to promote fear among the housestaff and undermine the UWHA.

The reality is that unlike GME, UWHA would never use fear tactics like this. In the words of one member: “If the housestaff of this institution had any doubts about the duplicity of the GME office and true need for a union, they need not look any further.”

To make the situation clear – all ACGME fellows are required to pay either a union membership fee (and be a member of the union) or a fair use fee (and not be a member). People with bonafide religious objections or financial hardship do not need to pay either fee, but they do need to reach out to us and tell us why. The vast majority of residents/fellows (>1200, 90%) have already paid dues. A small number (less than 100) have not. 

The UWHA has reached out to all residents/fellows who have not paid and will work out arrangements. Please be reassured that UWHA will not permit GME to terminate anyone without just cause. 

Just to reiterate, GME is trying to scare you. Don't be afraid. We're here to help.