GME slashes childcare funds! (updated)

The GME recently decided not to completely fund the childcare provisions of the new contract.

Under contract, the GME agreed to pay $50,000 annually for housestaff childcare as well as separately reimbursing residents for childcare waitlist expenses and completely paying for sick childcare expenses. (These are three separate sections in the contract - article 1 sections 3, 4, and 5). Now GME has taken the position that it will use the same fund for all of these things, defacto completely defunding sick childcare and waitlist reimbursements

This is completely unacceptable to the UWHA and we are determined to fight this! We will not allow the GME to take away hard fought and necessary benefits, relied upon by housestaff and thier families. On 5/10/17 we filed two grievances against GME for slashing this important benefit.

If GME's cuts effect you, write to us and let us know. 


UPDATE 5/23/17

GME continues to refuse to pay residents according to the contract. Review of an old GME FAQ from September 2016 confirms that UW had always intended the childcare fund and other expenses to be seperate: