New “Code Intubation” at UWMC

What: Starting February 1st, there is going to be a change in process for urgent/emergent intubations that are needed at UWMC. A Code Intubation will be called to alert and mobilize the necessary staff in a timely manner. 

When: A patient’s clinical status is deteriorating and requires urgent or emergent intubation

How: Any staff can pick up a hospital phone and dial 222. This number should be used in all code situations and gives immediate access to the hospital operator. The staff member (RN, MD, medical student, etc.) tells the operator that they need a “code intubation” and gives the exact location of the patient.

Who: Anesthesiologists (resident and attending carrying code pager), Respiratory Therapists, and Stat nurses will receive a page and proceed to the patient’s location. The caller will be connected with the Anesthesiologist for direct communication about the situation.


Note: If an intubation is needed for a planned procedure and is not urgent, the provider should call the operator and ask for a “Routine Intubation.” If an emergent surgical airway is needed, providers should continue calling a “Surgical Airway Code.”