UWHA Research Award

UWHA Research Award

Application process for AY 2018-2019 is CLOSED

The objective of the Housestaff Research Award is to fund high quality resident/fellow scholarship. The UWHA’s financial resources are limited and our intent is so support as many projects as possible. Thus we expect that the budget for each project will be $500-$2500.  Applications should include background about the area of investigation, a proposed research project including a specific hypothesis and a brief description of the methods to be used, a timeline for the project, a budget, and references. You may (but certainly do not need to) submit preliminary data. Completed applications should not be more than 5 pages (and can be much less). 

All paying UWHA members are eligible. Only one application per member.

To submit please review the information below and send a word document containing the completed application to grants@uwhousestaff.com.

Application Deadline: closed

Proposals will be anonymously reviewed and scored by this year's UWHA board members. We will notify applicants of the results by email in December or January.

Proposal Guidelines:

  • Executive summary (250 words)
    • Provide a brief overview of the problem studied and what you propose to do to research it.
    • If your project is funded, this summary will be posted on our website.
  • Background (up to 1/2 page)
    • What are you interested in and why is this an important problem to study?
    • This does not need to be an in depth review, but it should be enough for a peer reviewer to understand your project.
  • Proposed Research Project (1-3 pages)
    • State your hypothesis in one sentence.
    • Include specific aims (maximum of 2) and (very) brief methods. 
    • Specify who you will be working with and where the work will be done. 
  • Timeline (up to 1/2 page)
    • Specify when the research will be carried out and any significant project milestones. 
  • Budget (up to 1/2 page)
    • Explain what you will be spending money on, what the total cost will be, and a brief justification (in table format).
    • If possible, be specific about expenses. For example: "5 hours of biostatistician time @ $50/hour ($250)" is preferable to “statistical review ($250)”
    • Note that, because our intent is to fund as many projects as possible, we may award less than the requested amount if there are a large number of high quality proposals. Include the minimum funds needed for a grant to be meaningful. 
    • Budget can include contracted personal services (research subjects, outside consultants), supplies and materials (books, assays, equipment, computer hardware/software), or scientific meeting travel expenses (flights, registration fees, lodging, transportation). Budget cannot include salaries or indirect costs. For example, budget cannot include salaries for a medical student or research associate.
    • Budget cannot exceed $2500. Must include discussion of other funding sources if project budget exceeds $2500, otherwise chances of funding are less likely. 
  • References (up to 1/2 page)
    • Mark each citation with sequential numbers.
    • Format references according to the AMA Manual of Style 10th edition.
  • Grant Formatting
    • 0.5" page margins, single-spaced, no less than 12 point Arial font (regular). 
    • 5 pages maximum.
    • Use of provided template below is required. Please contact us if you are having difficulty using this template.
    • Please do not submit PDFs. Any PDF submissions will be rejected without review. We will contact you if the formatting of your grant appears to be corrupted.

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