• Biking benefits under the CBA:
    • $25/quarter if you certify that you have biked >80% of that quarter. Attestation form emailed out from GME quarterly.
    • A $50,000 annual fund for reimbursement of 1) A bike helmet (technically no annual dollar limit), and 2) Up to $100 annually of "bike maintenance" costs.
      • There is an open period each quarter when you can submit bike maintenance costs for reimbursement, also emailed out from GME with attestation form.
  • UW Bike Resources

2017 Bike Commute Survey

After initiation of the new CBA in the 2016-2017 academic year we asked the resident community to help us learn more about resident biking habits. We got 167 responses and here is a bit of what we learned!

  • Where do respondents bike: UWMC (87%), HMC (70%), SCH (55%), VAMC (30%), SCCA (24%), Other sites (17%)
  • Top places residents avoid biking to: VAMC (45%), HMC (21%)
  • Top 3 barriers to commuting to work by bike: Weather (55%), Lack of Changing Facilities (52%), Lack of Secure Bike Storage (42%) 





  • The CBA states "residents will have access to parking at no charge during nights and weekends at UWMC, HMC, SCH and the VA." We are in the process of assembling more details on how this works exactly, but if you not had access to this benefit please contact us.