GME agrees to reimburse new hires!

The GME has agreed that new hires will be reimbursed for their medical licenses! Per their recent communication from Dr. Joyner:

  • We have reviewed the language in the CBA regarding reimbursement for the costs of a medical license in Article 21: Professional Development & Licensing. It states that “Residents will be completely reimbursed for Washington State medical license fees”. Based on the express language of the CBA, and what is in the best interest of our patients, we believe that the proper interpretation of this language is that all new residents accepted into a UW program may be reimbursed for the cost of their license, regardless of whether they incurred the expense before or after their appointment start date. Reimbursement may only be requested by trainees once they are officially employees of the University, on or after their appointment start date, and will only be available to trainees who obtained licensure for activities specific to their UW program. It also does not apply to current first year residents who are subject to the July 1 cutoff per our previously negotiated MOU, which is part of the CBA.

Based on this, applicants and newly matched housestaff should be reasured that their licenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the contract - so mail your checks in early and save your receipts! The UWHA would like to sincerly thank the GME office for this change in policy.