UW Refuses to Reimburse New Hires

Sadly, the GME office has revoked a benefit of the new contract. UW has claimed that new hires to the university will not be reimbursed for medical licenses unless they pay for those licenses after their start date. The UWHA firmly believes that all residents deserve to have licenses reimbursed, and prospective hires should not be penalized for submitting their WA state license applications early. Therefore, our advice to new applicants is not to send a check to the Department of Health until you receive a confirmation in writing from your Program Director that they will reimburse you.

We are committed to upholding the contract, and we will even take programs to court for refusal to abide by its terms. We believe that residents should not be stuck covering the bill for licenses that they require for employment. Help us stand up to UW:

  • If you are a resident now, write to your PD and demand that they pay these agreed upon benefits for new hires.
  • If you're an applicant, ask about this on your interview day.
  • If you've already matched, write to your PD now and make sure that they will reimburse licenses before you write any checks. If your PD tries to threaten or intimidate you into paying for these licenses without reimbursement, please let us know. 


UPDATE 1/12: Some programs (Internal Medicine) have expressed a willingness to reimburse new hires. Check with your PD and see if they plan to abide by the new contract.


UPDATE 1/20: GME agrees to reimburse all new hires for thier medical licenses! See the update.