Get your reimbursements today!

Under the new contract, all housestaff are entitled to many new benefits, including:

  • complete reimbursment for USMLE step III
  • complete reimbursment for WA State medical licenses
  • complete reimbursement for any other required trainings not provided by UW (including CPR, ACLS, PALS, etc)
  • up to $350 dollars annually to reimburse other expenses (specialty specific medical board exams, board preparation material, textbooks, other required equipment)


In order to get these benefits, simply submit a request by email to your program administrator. They are required to reimburse you within 90 days.

Don't delay - in order to get the $350 reimbursement you must submit at least 6 months before graduation - so submit now!


Please let us know (email if they do not promptly reimburse so we can take legal action to support you if necessary.


So get the reimbursement you deserve today!