Double Check your Pay Check!

At this point, residents should have received the financial benefits from the new contract. Specifically the November 10th paycheck should reflect all the lump sum benefits: including the signing bonus, the parking/transportation stipend, and the housing stipend. The lump sum payment should be at least $2105 (less taxes) and for some of you may be much more based on your individual signing bonus. The 3% salary increases will not be reflected on your paycheck until the November 25th paycheck (as this covers the pay period of Nov 1-15).

There seem to have been a lot of errors in implementing these changes, with at least dozens of residents not receiving the promised bonuses or pay raises. All residents should double check that they have received the correct bonuses from UW. To do so, log into your Employee Self Service account ( to check if your lump sum payment have been included on your paycheck. Then on Nov 25-27 log into ESS again to check if your pay raise has been included. It either of these things do not occur please email us immediately at and tell us what was not reflected in your paycheck, your name, and your department and we will help to make sure things are fixed.

Also, many of you have been asking about USMLE and medical license reimbursement. We have gotten confirmation that anyone who has payed or taken these exams after July 1, 2016 will be reimbursed. You can now submit the receipts to your program administrator for reimbursement. Under the contract they will provide reimbursement within 30 days of submission. Please email us if there are any problems.