UW Housestaff Vote to Ratify New Contract!

UW Housestaff Ratify New Contract!

After a vote, the new contract was ratified by an overwhelming majority of housestaff. The final result of the vote was 857 in Favor (99.6%) to 3 Opposed (0.3%). The vote was conducted over just 5 days to ensure, that if ratified, the new contract could be implemented quickly and put money in our pockets sooner. The timeline for contract implementation is:

  • November 1 – New CBA formally starts
  • November 1 – First day of increased salary
  • November 10 – Paycheck where lump sum payments (housing stipend, transportation stipent) will show up
  • November 26 – First paycheck reflecting the higher salary (covering 11/1-11/15 pay period)

Two years ago, Housestaff at the University of Washington unionized to try and improve working conditions and fairness, and today these efforts have come to fruition. Our new contract represents significant progress towards correcting some of the inequities in wages and benefits, and important first steps towards correcting other issues such as access to childcare and the high cost of housing. The new contract will also provide important new protections for residents and ensure due process for discipline and grievances. We hope that these measures will ameliorate some of the hardships faced by residents and provide a foundation for future progress.

Importantly all residents can expect that the next paycheck (on 11/10) will be larger than the previous ones.

We will be posting frequent updates and a FAQ about the new contract shortly. We are working with the GME to determine the specifics of how to submit your medical license and USMLE Step III for reimbursement. Were are also working to determining the qualifying criteria for the bike and childcare funds. Stay tuned for more updates.