UWHA Negotiating Update 10/15/16


After almost two years of hard work, UW and the UWHA have agreed to a final contract. This contract will now go to the residents for vote, and a simple majority in favor will result in adoption of the contract. The final result isn’t perfect, but we believe that it represents significant gains and protections for the hardworking residents who drive so much of the care at our hospitals. Notable features of this contract include:

  • salary increase (3% per year for the next 3 years) for all residents
  • residents on research years will be promoted and paid for time spent on research (for some residents this means promotion by one or two years)
  • “home call” stipend ($900 this year, $1150 the next two years) which everyone will receive regardless of home call scheduling
  • transportation stipend ($750 per year) starting immediately
  • ratification bonus ($455-$1430 depending on PGY year) paid upon ratification of the contract. This discrepancy by year reflects the differences in lost pay due to pay freeze during negotiations this academic year.
  • reimbursement for medical licenses and USMLE step III (worth up to $845 for step III, $391-$657 for WA state license)
  • a mandatory professional development fund ($350) which is a minimum, programs that provide larger stipends are encourage to continue to do so
  • bike transportation benefit ($50,000 per year)
  • a small/trial childcare benefit (a trial program with $50,000 per year)
  • the guaranteed right to moonlight for all residents in all residency programs who meet basic and standardized eligability criteria
  • increased holiday leave (residents can request 2 additional paid holidays per year in accordance with WA state law)
  • increased bereavement leave/travel time
  • extended paid leave (up to 12 weeks) for residents with serious medical problems
  • protection from unlawful discrimination and unfair termination
  • a grievance procedure to address changes in working conditions
  • a health and safety provision, prohibiting UW from forcing residents to work in unsafe conditions
  • a mechanism whereby pregnant residents can request that overnight call be rescheduled during the third trimester of pregnancy
  • resident representation on all major UW committees

Importantly, the increases in salary, reimbursement of licenses, and the new home call (AKA housing), and transportation (AKA parking) stipends represent a significant step to address the rising costs of living in Seattle. These benefits will hopefully mitigate some of the hardships currently faced by residents and will make UW a more attractive place to train and work. While we are pleased with the considerable progress in some areas, other challenges remain and will no doubt be important issues when we renegotiate this contract in 3 years. These shortcomings include the fact that housing stipends do not match the cost of living in Seattle, the very limited support for childcare, and a lack of paid parental leave. Despite these limitations, if ratified this contract will mean several thousand more dollars per year in income, starting in the next pay period. For many of you, this will be a 10% or greater increase in salary and benefits. For everyone this will mean important improvements in safety, transparency, and fairness in how residents are treated by UW.


If ratified, the new contract will take effect immediately. This means that, if ratified, you can expect a much larger paycheck on the next pay period after ratification.


As always feel free to email UWHA@uw.edu with questions, concerns, or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.


To acknowledge the many people involved in the process of negotiating this contract, please see the lists below:


Current negotiating team members

  • Nick Mark, MD (UWHA President, PGY6 Pulmonary Critical Care)
  • Jacqueline Alvarez, MD - (UWHA Vice President, PGY3 Diagostic Radiology)
  • Trevor Gessel, MD - (UWHA Treasurerer, PGY3 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
  • Ben Wolpaw, MD - (UWHA Secretary, PGY2 Internal Medicine)
  • ​Marlee Hahn, MD - (UWHA Social Ambassador, PGY3 Emergency Medicine)
  • Edo Bedzra, MD - (Negotiation team, PGY5 Cardiothoracic Surgery)
  • Graham Strub, MD - (Negotiation team, PGY6 Otolaryngology)


Prior UWHA negotiating team members

  • Jake Sunshine, MD - (Former UWHA President, Anesthesiology graduate)
  • Roni Prucz, MD (Former UWHA Vice President, Plastic Surgery graduate)
  • Jenny Favinger, MD (Former UWHA Treasurer, Radiology graduate)
  • Vivek Datta, MD (Former negotiating team member, Psychiatry graduate)
  • Carolyn Sy, MD (Former negotiating team member, Internal Medicine graduate)


UW negotiating team members

  • Virginia Broudy, MD (Professor and Harborview Service Chief)
  • Thomas Dodson DMD, (Associate Dean, Hospitals Affairs & Professor and Chair, Maxillofacial Surgery)
  • Richard Shugerman, MD (Professor of Pediatrics, former Program Director, Pediatrics)
  • Thomas Staiger, MD (Associate Professor and Medical Director, UW Medical Center)
  • Nicholas Vedder, MD (Chief of Plastic Surgery; Vice Chair, Department of Surgery, former Program Director, Surgery)
  • Otto Klein, (Lead Negotiator, UW)
  • Andrew Berg, (Assistant Director, UW Labor Relations)
  • A.J. Hartman, (Communications Specialist, UW Labor Relations)
  • Shelley Kostrinsky, (Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel)
  • Barbara Van Ess, (Director of Personnel Policy, UWSOM Dean’s Office)
  • Cindy Hamra, (Assistant Dean, Operations & Administration, Graduate Medical Education, School of Medicine)


Draft of Contract: