Negotiation Update 9/20/16

Your UWHA representatives continue to work hard to push toward a successful conclusion to our contract negotiations. In the past 2 weeks, we have had 4 meetings and have covered a lot of ground. We’d like to share some recent progress we have made, though please note that until a final contract is ratified, some details may be subject to change:

  • Retroactive pay –we are pushing the university to give us retroactive pay for our higher salary starting July 1st. For technical reasons, this may take the form of a signing bonus. We are working on details and have no confirmation that this is going to happen for sure.
  • Meal plan – We are concerned that some aspects of the current food benefits do not work well – it’s not clear whether residents are being fairly compensated for the shifts they work. While we’re not going to revamp the system now, we plant o work with UW in the future to negotiate increasing the amount of this stipend and ensuring greater transparency with this system.
  • Retirement plan – This week, we finalized an agreement to maintain our current retirement benefit.
  • Research time pay - we worked with the administration to clarify who will get advancement of their PGY pay scale during research years. The end result is that anyone covered by the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) during their research time will get this benefit. By the terms of the CBA, that will be anyone doing an ACGME required research year OR residents in general surgery, urology, or ENT during their research years. Effectively this means that the vast majority of resident or fellow research years will result in a higher salary for participants.
  • Moonlighting – we are finalizing details to ensure that every resident has the opportunity to moonlight if certain basic conditions are met, and so long as they abide by work hour restrictions.
  • Leave – we are finalizing changes to enhance resident leave for holidays and during pregnancy.
  • Disciplinary action - we are working with UW on the language dictating discipline of residents, including termination. Our goal is to have a clear policy that will require major actions to have demonstration of just cause.
  • Management rights – this section delineates UW’s powers and responsibilities. While the legal details aren’t very exciting, our lawyers tell us it has the power to impact the legal standing of virtually any other part of the contract. We were able to get some of the language changed in a way that we think will help maintain the integrity and intention of the agreement as a whole.

We have another two meetings next week, and we hope to finalize most of these issues. Our goal is to finish contract negotiations in the next 1-2 weeks. If you have thoughts on any of this that you wish to share, please reach out to one of your UWHA representatives or email us at