What Does University Childcare Expansion Mean for Us?!?

The University recently announced an expansion of the childcare services provided by the University of Washington.  While we applaud the University for this added benefit, we are awaiting clarification for how it will directly affect Residents and Fellows.  It is our understanding at this time that 150 additional spaces for childcare have been created for a waiting list of over 1000 people. However, we have not yet received word on how these spaces will be distributed and whether UWHA members will have priority.  Thus, while in the grand scheme this is a positive step, it remains to be seen if this will represent a meaningful improvement in Resident and Fellow access to child care.  Regardless, keep your voices loud and we appreciate your continued support.  The momentum may finally be shifting and, with your help, we can ensure no resident has to unduly worry about the safety and care of their child while caring for patients.