Thanks to everyone who has filled out the survey. And if you haven’t yet, please do: 
There have been nearly 300 responses so far and results will be shared with everyone.  

So, what’s the plan? And how might you help?  Although there are several groups working on improving paging throughout UW Medicine, we are tackling one particularly pesky problem: knowing who to tell the operator to page in order to actually reach the service you are seeking.  The thing is, we all know the little details of who-covers-what for our own service… but not each others. 

If only we could easily share this institutional knowledge… but we can! And we will. And we will call it UpageWho, and it will link from

Over the next few months, we will generate, refine, and organize all the little paging rules for each consulting service.  Importantly, if you happen to be the resident cursing unnecessary pages and double cursing hard-to-contact consulting services, we need you! (And if you know the resident who fits this description, feel empowered to guilt her or him into this hero's task.)  

In summary, the UW paging system is a fracture, and we need to fix it. Please contact me and volunteer to write concise rules for your consult service. This is a chance for you to help solve a real problem and make a big impact just by sharing details you already know.

Kenny Gundle, UWHA Orthopaedics Representative

Anticipated-to-be-Frequently Asked Questions

* Will this replace Amion?

No. Specific people/names will NOT be listed. Rather, the site will explain when to page Cards A vs Cards B, or how to call for a hand consult vs a general orthopaedic consult (hint: it's the same!)

* Why can’t the operators just ask clarifying questions or know this stuff?

Not their role to engage in medical triage, which is totally fine. With UpageWho, it’ll be easy for us to figure this out ourselves. We want to help them continue to help us.

* Why can’t everyone just use Primary Contacts in CORES like they are supposed to?

Indeed, CORES is awesome. And the Primary Contact listing is good and should be used. UpageWho will help get new consult services involved in a patient’s care, or re-reach services who were involved three rotation-changes ago.


* Is this all? There are so many other problems with the paging system!
No - we all recognize that there are other problems. And be sure to fill out the survey and give your ideas. But this is a step forward. UWHA will continue advocating for
other structural changes to the paging system.


* This is awesome! Why isn’t it finished yet?

We want to do this right. That will take some time. Please volunteer to help for your service, and encourage other housestaff to do the same. Our target date is July 2014, but with your help we could even be functioning ahead of schedule! Unlike Bertha… or the new 520 bridge…


New Paging Initiative!

Have you ever paged Heme-Onc Consults, only to be told that you paged the CD24(+) service when in fact you should have paged the CD24(-) service?

Or paged Ortho Hand and been told that it is Tuesday and therefore you need to page the Ortho Fuchsia Team?

If this sounds familiar, good! UWHA is trying to solve this problem. But it needs your help…

UWHA is supporting a resident-initiated, resident-led project to improve the paging system throughout UW Medicine, SCH, and the VA. Please fill out the following brief, less-than-5-minute survey. 

The survey is anonymous, and brutal honesty is requested.

You can easily complete it while waiting for someone to return your page, while wondering if you actually paged the correct service…


And let us know if you have questions.


Kenny Gundle, UWHA Orthopaedics Represenative

Go Hawks!

Free Opportunities to Join State and County Medical Societies

Post from Dr. Matthew Grierson - Sports Medicine Fellow, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine | Representative, Washington State Medical Association (WSMA)

Dear Residents --

Exciting news!
The Washington State Medical Association and King County Medical Society now offers FREE membership to all residents and fellows.  

For membership to the Washington State Medical Association, apply online at
For membership to the King County Medical Society, join here:

(The King County Medical Society was founded in 1888, and is one of the oldest running medical societies in our country!  
More details here:

As many of you may or may not know, I am currently serving as your representative to the WSMA Board of Trustees.  The Board has been working to help increase value for Resident/Fellow members (you can't get better than free!).  There are some exciting leadership and networking opportunities we are planning in the upcoming months, and I would love for all of your to join me.  More details to come, but the first step is to sign up to become bone fide members.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in hearing more about how to become even more involved (Lobby Day in Olympia is coming up in February, and there is a very great leadership conference in May -- and the opportunity for resident scholarships).  We will be also planning some upcoming education sessions on finance planning, transitioning from residency into practice, and health care policy / understanding health care reform.

Best wishes,


UWMC Coffee Stand Now Accepts Husky Card

UWHA is happy to announce that your Husky Card is now an acceptable payment source at the UWMC Lobby Espresso Bar. Proceeds from the coffee stand support UWMC's Cancer Library and artist-in-residence program, so please consider it the next time you need that pick-me-up latte or americano.

Happy Holidays/Happy New Year

UWHA hopes you enjoyed your holiday season and wishes you a happy and healthy new year!

UWHA 2013-14 Research Grants | Deadline: December 13th


Grant applications are due December 13, 2013 11:59 pm PST. Late applications will not be accepted.


To establish a University of Washington Housestaff Association Resident/Fellow Grant to help fund and thereby promote educational and career development projects during an individual’s residency or fellowship.


All residents and fellows from all departments at the University of Washington School of Medicine are eligible to apply for a UWHA Resident/Fellow Grant.

See attachment for complete details. The last page of the information packet is the application. Please direct questions to Dr. Franklin Lee, UWHA vice president (



Thanks to all that got SPOOKY

Over 200 tricked out guests helped bring down the house at the first annual UWHA Halloween party.  Costumes were outrageous, the dancing was straight devilish, and, we had, yet another, successful multi-speciality social.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Stay tuned goblins…we have big things in store.


Marvin the Martian (UWHA Social Chair)




UWHA Freakfest

Did we just scare you? You haven't seen anything yet.  Come get spooky THIS SATURDAY at the 2013 UWHA HALLOWEEN PARTY, 10/26/2013.

The ghouls come out at 9pm at 1927 EVENTS, 1927 3rd Ave.  Bring out your inner thriller for a night of dancing, costume contests, and plenty of trickery.

Howlin at the moon,

Dr. Alok Patel (UWHA Social Werewolf)



UWHA Halloween Party | 10/26