Seattle Weekly: Overworked, Underpaid: UW's Apprentice Doctors Demand a Raise

"The UW says residents' pay is up to national standards, but in America's tenth-most-expensive city, the docs ain't buying it." Please read the feature article by following this link

A Primer for Seattle Citizens on UW-UWHA Negotiations

What is a Resident and what does he or she do?
A Resident is a doctor who has completed four years of undergraduate education and four years of medical school who is now pursuing sub-specialized medical training. These areas include, but are not limited to, internal medicine, anesthesiology, surgery, and pediatrics.  After completing all licensing examinations, which typically occurs in the first year of Residency, a Resident can become a fully licensed physician in the State of Washington.

Seattle Times Article: Council Members Support Better Pay, Benefits for UW Doctors in Training

The Seattle Times released an article Sunday highlighting the support of Seattle City Council members for the UWHA.  We hope that with the continued support of our Residents and community, we will begin making meaningful strides. Please read the official story here.

Seattle City Council Supports UW Residents and Fellows, Writes Letter to University

On December 14th, members of the Seattle City Council supported a letter to the University of Washington President and Board of Regents recognizing that the treatment of Residents needs to improve.  The council urged the University "to meet the UWHA's reasonable demands" for the Resident physicians that "provide an invaluable service to our community."  They go on to state that Residents "deserve to be compensated fairly" and that it was shocking that Residents "earn less than our city's hourly minimum wage", "qualify for social services", and receive "free ("charity") care at the very hosp

Is Subsidized Parking Illegal?!?

Parking at the University of Washington during the course of your Residency and/or Fellowship costs thousands of dollars. For the past several years, whenever Residents requested discounted parking, the University responded that they could not provide discounted or cost neutral parking by state law. This myth has persisted for years; however, after review by our legal team, it is important to make the precedent clear.  

UWHA Responds to the University Unfairly (and potentially unlawfully) Raising Resident Parking Rates

Parking at the University of Washington is a heavy burden on Residents. During your intern year alone, approximately 10% of your salary goes directly to cover the costs of parking. Due to inadequate alternate means of transportation given our irregular and extended hours, we essentially give back to the University a large portion of our salary simply to take care of our patients. Thus, parking has been an area where we hoped negotiations would lead to meaningful change. Unfortunately, rather than decrease parking rates, the University on July  1st  raised parking rates for the Pay Per Use (

UWHA Supports the March for Science

On Earth Day (April 22), Join your Co-residents and Co-fellows and Support the March for Science!

UW Refuses to Reimburse New Hires

Sadly, the GME office has revoked a benefit of the new contract. UW has claimed that new hires to the university will not be reimbursed for medical licenses unless they pay for those licenses after their start date. The UWHA firmly believes that all residents deserve to have licenses reimbursed, and prospective hires should not be penalized for submitting their WA state license applications early. Therefore, our advice to new applicants is not to send a check to the Department of Health until you receive a confirmation in writing from your Program Director that they will reimburse you.

Resident Childcare Survey

Dear UW Residents and Fellows:

This is a reminder that UW Parenthood in Medical Education study will close in 1 week.

The UW Parenthood in Medical Education study group would like to better understand residents' and fellows' experiences around parental leave. We invite *parents and non-parents* in our community to complete our survey. This survey is not administered on behalf of the UW GME Office.

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