Welcome Interns!

UWHA, and the entire housestaff community, welcomes you to the UW family. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you throughout the year. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about anything. See you on Wednesday! 

EXPLORE the Seattle Water Instead of Just Staring at it.

That's right Magellan, your chance has arrived.  Join the adventurous GME for a SUNSET CRUISE, Thursday, 06/12 7pm-10pm over the dashing Elliot Bay.  The event is - drum roll - TOTALLY FREE.  Simply provide a holding check, find a plus one to say bon voyage with, and come. be. enchanted.  Your check will be returned to you and you'll take home memories that even Columbus will envy.

Argosy Tours, the GME, and your social chair - keeping it fresh on the daily.
~ Alok Patel PGY2 Pediatrics


UWHA in the news

By request, here is the link to the essay.

UWMC Standardized Text Paging Rolling Out

The goal of this text-paging initiative is to establish a standard format and language for text pages. Starting April 21st, nurses on some floors of UWMC will begin utilizing a new, standardized text paging format with standardized response codes. These changes will help you triage pages, improve your workflow and minimize contextless numeric pages. There are 3 codes that you need to be familiar with in order to respond appropriately. 

FYI: No call back necessary
CTC (Call to Confirm): Call back within 30 minutes
URGENT: Either go to the bedside or call back within 5 minutes

New Format:
Response Code, Patient Name, Issue, Name of RN, Phone Number

CTC, Pt. George, hct dropped from 23 to 19, Mary, 89723
FYI, Pt. Rogers, Family has finally arrived, Vicky, 89709

This is a resident-designed text paging system, originally implemented at Seattle Children's Hospital. Residents and nurses have both found this system better than the status quo, and believe that it improves patient care. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

UWMC Roll out Schedule:
MICU, SICU, CT-ICU, Cardiology ICU - April 21st
Med/Surg floors (4-6) - May
Rest of UWMC - June/July  


EPIC is coming to a clinic near you on May 20th!

All outpatient clinics at UWMC, HMC and Northwest Hospital will switch from current documentation (ORCA, paper, etc) to EpicCare starting Tuesday, May 20th. This transition may be stressful, but as computer-savvy early adopters you are uniquely situated to help your attendings navigate this new technology. It is also a good opportunity to learn one of the most widely used EHR systems on the market. If you haven't already completed training, ask your program administrator to sign you up. You can find more info here: https://intranet.uwmedicine.org/BU/ClinApps/Pages/EpicHome.aspx or contact Dr. Jared Klein at jaredwk@uw.edu with any questions.


The DJ kept things buzzing, all you cats let loose, and we raised over $1500 for API Chaya and efforts to end human trafficking/sex slavery.  Oh the sunshine and magic that can happen when all get together and dance for a cause.  A huge thanks from all of us at UWHA for coming out - you keep the spirit and we'll keep the fun coming.

Down with umbrellas,
Alok Patel PGY 2 Peds (the guy who writes those emails)

UWHA SPRING FLING 2014 | Saturday, 3/29, Sole Repair

Why Did the Bumblebee cross the road?
It finally stopped raining and it's time to jam.

Spring is here, come dance, relax, and groove.  You know we'll brighten your life.

This go around, we're partying in the name of a worthy, local cause.

$10 suggested donation goes directly to local victims of human trafficking/sex slavery

LEARN MORE www.chayaseattle.org
That party-throwin loud mouth,

Dr. Alok Patel PGY2 (Pediatrics)

The New ORCA Problem List

The Oscars just took place on Sunday, but there appears to be an early frontrunner for 2015. 

There are changes coming to the Problem List - stay tuned for more information or check in with your department's representative on the Housestaff Quality and Safety Council.

Anesthesiology - Irving Ye
Internal Medicine - Anshu Abhat, Andrew Dervan, Leah Marcotte
Nephrology - Zita Shiue
Orthopaedic Surgery - Jacques Hacqueboard
Otolaryngology - Hitomi Sakano
Pediatric (Residents and Fellows) - Carolyn Schook, Hiromi Yoshida, Faisal Malik, Christopher Beatty, Sarah Zaman
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Cody Gillenwater, Margaret Jones
Psychiatry - Katie Norfleet, Stamatis Zeris
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine - Bridget Collins, Sarah Jolley, Seppo Rinne
Diagnostic Radiology - Jenny Favinger, Jessica Germino General
Surgery - Meghan Flanagan, Katy Flynn-O'Brien, Lacey Lagrone, Jonathan Sham, Amelia Simpson

SPRING FLING Saturday March 29th Sole Repair Shop, Cap Hill, 9pm

Spring is in the air, allergic pollen sticks to your hair, birds and bees have tunes to share, Come jam at the venue they call Sole Repair, 1001 E Pike St, Seattle if you dare, 9pm Satty night, don’t be a square, Cocktail attire or scrubs, no one cares, Grab a martini and lets swank out like Fred Astaire.

Dr. Alok Patel (UWHA Social Chair)


Thanks to everyone who has filled out the survey. And if you haven’t yet, please do: http://ow.ly/tiSTi 
There have been nearly 300 responses so far and results will be shared with everyone.  

So, what’s the plan? And how might you help?  Although there are several groups working on improving paging throughout UW Medicine, we are tackling one particularly pesky problem: knowing who to tell the operator to page in order to actually reach the service you are seeking.  The thing is, we all know the little details of who-covers-what for our own service… but not each others. 

If only we could easily share this institutional knowledge… but we can! And we will. And we will call it UpageWho, and it will link from uwresidents.com.

Over the next few months, we will generate, refine, and organize all the little paging rules for each consulting service.  Importantly, if you happen to be the resident cursing unnecessary pages and double cursing hard-to-contact consulting services, we need you! (And if you know the resident who fits this description, feel empowered to guilt her or him into this hero's task.)  

In summary, the UW paging system is a fracture, and we need to fix it. Please contact me and volunteer to write concise rules for your consult service. This is a chance for you to help solve a real problem and make a big impact just by sharing details you already know.

Kenny Gundle, UWHA Orthopaedics Representative


Anticipated-to-be-Frequently Asked Questions

* Will this replace Amion?

No. Specific people/names will NOT be listed. Rather, the site will explain when to page Cards A vs Cards B, or how to call for a hand consult vs a general orthopaedic consult (hint: it's the same!)

* Why can’t the operators just ask clarifying questions or know this stuff?

Not their role to engage in medical triage, which is totally fine. With UpageWho, it’ll be easy for us to figure this out ourselves. We want to help them continue to help us.

* Why can’t everyone just use Primary Contacts in CORES like they are supposed to?

Indeed, CORES is awesome. And the Primary Contact listing is good and should be used. UpageWho will help get new consult services involved in a patient’s care, or re-reach services who were involved three rotation-changes ago.


* Is this all? There are so many other problems with the paging system!
No - we all recognize that there are other problems. And be sure to fill out the survey and give your ideas. But this is a step forward. UWHA will continue advocating for
other structural changes to the paging system.


* This is awesome! Why isn’t it finished yet?

We want to do this right. That will take some time. Please volunteer to help for your service, and encourage other housestaff to do the same. Our target date is July 2014, but with your help we could even be functioning ahead of schedule! Unlike Bertha… or the new 520 bridge…