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UWHA Happy Hour | Informal Q&A. Friday, 9/5/14, 7:30 pm, Linda’s on Capitol Hill.

Come by Linda's in Cap Hill for another Q&A about the upcoming vote for the CBU hosted by your UWHA executive members.  Start the weekend off by grabbing a drink with fellow housestaff members.  

See you there!


From the Archives: UWHA Op-Ed, Seattle Times, 1981

When this op-ed was written, over three decades ago, housestaff efforts to form a CBU were simply rebuffed by the University. Back then that ended the discussion. Changes in state law and general attitudes about the critical role housestaff play in hospital operations have led to a different outcome in 2014—this time residents have been deemed by the state to be employees and thus eligible to hold a CBU election. Many things were obviously different then, including no work hour restrictions. However then, as now, the primary goal of the effort was to have a seat at the table and to be in a position to negotiate a basic contract.

The author’s name has been redacted as a courtesy as she is unaware that this is being posted—33 years after the fact. The author, then a Children’s resident, is now chairwoman of a pediatric neurology department at a well-respected children’s hospital.

The current UWHA does not endorse everything that is written here, but thought this essay was fascinating and would provide some historical context. Enjoy.


UWHA Q&A Happy Hour | This Friday, 8/22, Elysian Brewing Company, Cap Hill, 7:30 pm

Anyone that wants to meet Everyone,

The sun is still shining, the town is buzzing, and an insanely solid academic year is upon us....But life isn't all about partying (yeah, yeah, I know) and there are some important topics to talk about as well.  From the summer jam, the feedback we got was that residents enjoyed meeting one another.  From our first UWHA meeting, residents were appreciative of better understanding the restructuring process....why not combine the two?

You know how we roll, with business always comes play. Before, after, and during. And with that, I give you:

UWHA HAPPY HOUR -> An informal Q/A Session with Social Flair
Elysian Brewery 1221 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122, Cap Hill
THIS FRIDAY August 22, 2014, 7:30 pm

So no frills, just a solid good time. Dr. Sunshine and the UWHA misfits will all be present to answer questions about restructuring, life, love, and everything in between. But more importantly, this represents an excuse for me to endorse another mingling session for the birds.

Bringing you love, laughter, and candid business chat,

Your friendly neighborhood UWHA

Alok Patel PGY3

UWHA Kickoff Meeting | Mon, 8/18, 7 pm, at Harborview

The vote on restructuring the housestaff association is approaching. We'll answer your questions and talk about the upcoming year. Dinner, as always, will be provided. 

UWHA Kickoff Meeting  
Monday, August 18th, 7 pm
Harborview R&T Building 117/121


All You That Are Attracted to Doctors,

Today's your lucky day. Get done with call, sign out, freshen up, and swing on by.

All you need to do is show up. Then, the evening is yours to meet other singles, mingle, and be merry.  OH, and canoe.

Lake Washington Today! Thursday, August 7th at 6:30pm

The WAC (3900 Montlake Blvd. NE, behind the E12 parking lot and Husky Football stadium)

Those folks starting all the social mayhem,


- Alok Patel UWHA Social Chair

PGY3 Pediatrics



Text Paging Rolling out to UWMC Medical/Surgical Floors

It's been in the ICUs, now it's moving to the floors. Remember, the goal of this text-paging initiative is to establish a standard format and language for text pages. Housestaff play an important role by responding appropriately when they get these pages. There are 3 codes that you need to be familiar with in order to respond appropriately. 

FYI: No call back necessary
CTC (Call to Confirm): Call back within 30 minutes
URGENT: Either go to the bedside or call back within 5 minutes

New Format:
Response Code, Patient Name, Issue, Name of RN, Phone Number

CTC, Pt. George, hct dropped from 23 to 19, Mary, 89723
FYI, Pt. Rogers, Family has finally arrived, Vicky, 89709

This is a resident-designed text paging system, originally implemented at Seattle Children's Hospital. Residents and nurses have both found this system to be a big improvement. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Summer Jam 2014 = Epic

For all you new kids in town, proof is now public. We know how to throw a party. We had about 250 residents/fellows from more specialties than I can recall.  Even the Allergy/Immuno folks showed up - That's called a social revolution. With DJ Persh spinning, the dancefloor lit up, everyone mingled and the night was solid. HUGE thank you to everyone for coming out! Stay tuned for upcoming events, photos and videos soon at AND upcoming events at  We're everywhere and you should be too.

When Life hands you lemons, squeeze them into a cocktail,

Alok Patel 

UWHA Social Chair 

SUMMER JAM 2014 - Saturday July 19

Oh yes, the wait is over.

New interns are here, the sun is causing skin damage, senior residents are counting down...As with most events in life, this calls for a party.

Join the ruckus -> UWHA Annual Summer Jam, Saturday, July 19th, The Garage, Capitol Hill. 8pm - whenever.

We'll have a DJ, free drink tickets, bowling, appetizers, and enouh energy to go around. Just bring your shining self and don't look back.

Con carino,

Alok "Life is a Dancefloor" Patel

PGY 3 Pediatrics, UWHA Social Chair

UW Housestaff in the News

If this issue is of interest and you would like to get involved, please contact Dr. Ying Zhang (