Post-docs on the UW campus are working to form a union and we support them!

For residents and fellows, our overwhelming vote to form a union and the new contract we negotiated has led to big improvements in salary, stipends, and labor practices. Post-docs at UW are now striving for these same benefits too.

GME slashes bike fund eligibility!

GME announced today that they would not honor the contract and provide bike fund reimbursements as required. Instead they will take a very limited interpretation of the contract and provide for “limited maintenance” only. They have also decided to require an onerous process of providing paper receipts. They have already denied many residents and fellows the reimbursement that they deserve under the contract. The purpose of the bike fund is to encourage safe, environmentally concious commuting.

Welcome New Trainees!

The UWHA is happy to welcome the incoming trainees for the 2017-2018 year. We have been at and will continue to attend resident/fellow orientation to introduce ourselves, answer questions, and gather membership cards. If you did not fill out a membership card at orientation, click on the attachment, sign, and send to the UWHA PO Box 95318, Seattle, WA 98145. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at



UWHA Election Results

The UWHA is very pleased to announce the results of this year's election for UWHA leadership, listed below. You may note that our team is larger next year than it has been in the past, this is deliberate. As our organization takes on increasing responsibilities, we will continue to grow so that we can continue to work efficiently on your behalf. The executive board consists of the 6 positions (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, social chair, and the immediate past president), and the general board also has 6 members. 


GME slashes childcare funds! (updated)

The GME recently decided not to completely fund the childcare provisions of the new contract.

Nominations open for UWHA leadership!

Submit your nominations today for a leadership position in the UWHA.

(It's OK to nominate yourself.)


Submit your application for a research grant now!

There is still time to submit for research grants!

You have until Monday, May 8 so get your application in this weekend!

See the grants page for more details.

Childcare Program Now Available

The UWHA is very pleased to announce the launch of the UWHA Childcare Program - an exciting new program designed to help residents and fellows pay for the high costs of childcare.

See The Childcare Page for more information and for the link to apply.

UWHA Grant Program now open!

We are very pleased to annouce the creation of the UWHA grant program to fund housestaff research and scholarship.

See the UWHA Grant Program page for more info.


New “Code Intubation” at UWMC

What: Starting February 1st, there is going to be a change in process for urgent/emergent intubations that are needed at UWMC. A Code Intubation will be called to alert and mobilize the necessary staff in a timely manner. 

When: A patient’s clinical status is deteriorating and requires urgent or emergent intubation