Tools for our MDs: Medication Reconciliation Tutorial

In response to patient harm events resulting from medication reconciliation errors, a very short tutorial has been developed for all providers describing resources available in ORCA as well as other strategies for efficiently obtaining and documenting an accurate home medication list upon a patient’s hospital admission. The tips provided will help prevent errors both during the hospital stay and at discharge, in addition to improving patient satisfaction and saving providers’ time.

UWHA Halloween Party!

Join Us for the UWHA Annual Halloween Party

Come celebrate Halloween with your co-residents and fellows! 

Get excited for:
- A costume contest with FABULOUS PRIZES!!!
- PHOTO BOOTH so you can piece the night back together
- THE BEST halloween music Spotify has to offer

And best of all, it's free for UWHA members! If you haven't yet sent in your card, get it in now to enjoy all the above and more.



Saturday, October 27, 2018 - 9:00pm to Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 1:00am

Membership Cards Available Online!

Welcome, UWHA Residents! This is an exciting year where we will be negotiatiing for YOUR contract and benefits. To that end, we need your membership cards to support out efforts to get you the BEST possible contract. Download the file below and send it to as soon as possible!

AY19 Presidential Greeting!

Happy end of summer and beginning of fall!

We are beginning the seasonal transition as well as completing the UWHA leadership team changeover. Serving as your AY19 President is a tremendous honor, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Your UWHA board has been working to make this academic year a success.

Welcome to the New Board!!!

First off, thank you to all those who participated in the Board elections. It is vital for the UWHA to have the members involved, so again thank you!

Second, thank you to the members of the 2017-2018 Executive Board and General Board. All the members of the current board worked very hard this year and deserve the gratitude of all the members. Again, all those members were:

New Constitution Amendments

New Constitution Amendments

Thank you to all who participated in the recent elections. We were able to pass 3 new amendments to our Bylaws and the constitution of the organization has been updated accordingly. Our hope is that these changes will ensure the ongoing security of the viability of the organization.

UWHA Supplemental Emergency Safe Ride Home Program

Earlier in the year we reached out to you to elicit your feedback and input on the Safe Ride Home supplemental program. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is a program initiated by the UWHA in attempts to ensure people’s safety when traveling to and from work, and fund the use of alternate transportation (Uber / Lyft / Taxi) when public transit is unavailable and a person feels they are too fatigued or unsafe to get home the using the means they got to work. There is a document at here which describes this program more.

Tentative Agreement Reached on Grievance

Last year we had filed a grievance regarding the Universities policy on something called "Extra Pay for Extra Duty." We have now, after multiple mediation session with the University, reached a tentative agreement regarding this grievance, it is attached below. Our biggest worry with this Extra Pay for Extra Duty was that the GME had the power to unilateral change this policy and affect our working conditions.

New Disciplinary Tab

We have created a new tab on our website to help anyone facing disciplinary action. You can find it here. We hope it helps.

Post-Graduation Opportunities

  • Valuable Job Search Resource: Locumunity is "a free platform that allows you to search for the best locum, short-term, telehealth and permanent jobs based on your own search criteria in one easy place." UWHA has no formal association with Locumunity.
    • Search for jobs based on location and hours
    • Connect directly with clinics and facilities
    • Accept positions and organize your availability and schedule on thier dashboard
  • Discounted Contract Review: UWHA is finalizing the details on an agreement with a local law firm to provide discounted review of your first post-residency/fellowship employment contract. Check back soon for details.