Childcare Program Now Available

The UWHA is very pleased to announce the launch of the UWHA Childcare Program - an exciting new program designed to help residents and fellows pay for the high costs of childcare.

See The Childcare Page for more information and for the link to apply.

UWHA Grant Program now open!

We are very pleased to annouce the creation of the UWHA grant program to fund housestaff research and scholarship.

See the UWHA Grant Program page for more info.


New “Code Intubation” at UWMC

What: Starting February 1st, there is going to be a change in process for urgent/emergent intubations that are needed at UWMC. A Code Intubation will be called to alert and mobilize the necessary staff in a timely manner. 

When: A patient’s clinical status is deteriorating and requires urgent or emergent intubation

GME agrees to reimburse new hires!

The GME has agreed that new hires will be reimbursed for their medical licenses! Per their recent communication from Dr. Joyner:

Get your reimbursements today!

Under the new contract, all housestaff are entitled to many new benefits, including:

  • complete reimbursment for USMLE step III
  • complete reimbursment for WA State medical licenses
  • complete reimbursement for any other required trainings not provided by UW (including CPR, ACLS, PALS, etc)
  • up to $350 dollars annually to reimburse other expenses (specialty specific medical board exams, board preparation material, textbooks, other required equipment)


Double Check your Pay Check!

At this point, residents should have received the financial benefits from the new contract. Specifically the November 10th paycheck should reflect all the lump sum benefits: including the signing bonus, the parking/transportation stipend, and the housing stipend. The lump sum payment should be at least $2105 (less taxes) and for some of you may be much more based on your individual signing bonus. The 3% salary increases will not be reflected on your paycheck until the November 25th paycheck (as this covers the pay period of Nov 1-15).

UPDATED: Frequently Asked Questions about the New Contract

What does the UW Resident/Fellow Union at UW mean for me?
A Guide for Current UW Residents/Fellows and UW Medical Trainee Applicants

Why did the Residents at UW unionize?

UW Housestaff Vote to Ratify New Contract!

UW Housestaff Ratify New Contract!

After a vote, the new contract was ratified by an overwhelming majority of housestaff. The final result of the vote was 857 in Favor (99.6%) to 3 Opposed (0.3%). The vote was conducted over just 5 days to ensure, that if ratified, the new contract could be implemented quickly and put money in our pockets sooner. The timeline for contract implementation is:

UWHA Negotiating Update 10/15/16


After almost two years of hard work, UW and the UWHA have agreed to a final contract. This contract will now go to the residents for vote, and a simple majority in favor will result in adoption of the contract. The final result isn’t perfect, but we believe that it represents significant gains and protections for the hardworking residents who drive so much of the care at our hospitals. Notable features of this contract include:

Negotiation Update 9/20/16

Your UWHA representatives continue to work hard to push toward a successful conclusion to our contract negotiations. In the past 2 weeks, we have had 4 meetings and have covered a lot of ground. We’d like to share some recent progress we have made, though please note that until a final contract is ratified, some details may be subject to change: